Purpose of CARE USA

CARE is committed to more than just meeting the immediate needs of people and communities. CARE tries to address the underlying issues to overcoming poverty like exclusion and discrimination, incompetence or corrupt public institutions, lack of public services access, social conflicts and the many different health threats to the public.

It is true that these types of problems are also present in developed nations but the scale cannot compare to the poor nations. CARE believes their greatest potential of reaching and impacting the most is in developing nations.

CARE visions a world that is full of tolerance, hope and social well-being where the plight of poverty has been defeated and where people live in security and with dignity. CARE also believes it plays a global role in helping end poverty and where they are a partner of choice in the worldwide movement of ending global poverty.

Its mission is to serve the families and individuals in the communities that are the poorest around the world. The organization draws strength from its global experience, resources and diversity and it promotes many innovative solutions while always advocating global responsibility.

CARE's aim is to facilitate lasting change in all the countries and communities in which they work. The organization believes it is possible because: it helps to provide economic opportunities; they deliver relief in times of emergency; its programs helps to strengthen self-help capabilities; at all levels it helps to influence policy decisions; and it addresses discriminations in any form found in developing nations around the world.

Lead by the hopes and inspirations of the local communities, CARE pursues its mission with compassion, excellence and strong will because the people whom the organization serves deserve nothing less than 100% efforts on the organization's part. CARE reevaluates its mission and vision on a regular basis in order to stay abreast of the ever-changing world they are trying to help.


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