CARE is one of the world's leaders in the fight against global poverty. They place an emphasis on working next to poor women, since women with the correct resources have the power to empower entire families and communities to reach the ultimate goal of escaping poverty.

Woman are the core of CARE's community efforts to help improve education, increase clean water access, prevent diseases from spreading, increase sanitation, protect the natural resources and make economic opportunities more feasible.

Care also helps distribute emergency aid in war torn areas and areas that have suffered natural disasters, in order to help people to rebuild their lives. CARE is governed by a board of directors that are elected each year by members at the organization's annual meeting.

All board members must gain a basic understanding of the organization and initiate action that supports the organizations goals, mission and programs. The board appoints the executive team and consists of the president, secretary and treasurer while the president appoints the other members of executive team of CARE.

The headquarters of CARE are located in Atlanta, Georgia and has branch offices in nine U.S. cities along with each country in which they work. In 2010, CARE was involved in 87 countries where it helped to implement programs for the long-term fight against poverty.

CARE also responded to humanitarian emergencies and advocated changes in policy to help those suffering from poverty the most. CARE is supported by dozens of different U.S corporations, hundreds of thousands of caring individuals, and many foundations through donations each year. Funding also comes from a number of government agencies, the United Nations and the European Union. Since its foundation in 1945 it has helped to change the lives of many through the hard work of its field personnel and the generous donations of hundreds of people and businesses around the globe.


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